April 11, 2007 at 7:18 am (colleagues and friends, desk)

I slinked over to my former desk today. It’s still ok here on the “dark” side but I miss the laughter on the other side. The people here on this side have no sense of irony. Sarcasm, veiled comments and silly witticisms slide off their blank stares leaving me as cold as the mist coming over Table Mountain these days.
I guess I shouldn’t complain – they’re actually very nice here. But, jissie, they’re all so, um, Grown Up. I miss the inane conversations with the folk on the other side; the completely useless comments you hear now and then (that make for excellent dinner conversation starters) and the general laid-back air. It’s not near to the end of my six-month stint on this side…I’m going to be needing a helluva lot of chocolate.



  1. batman said,

    don’t worry the time will fly by. and you can come visit anytime you like. we can get coke and chocolate ;o)

  2. Florence said,

    *glazed look in the eyes*

  3. Florence said,

    *glazed look in the eyes*

  4. TBHanks said,

    Thanks for the delicious chocolate cake (with caramel) this evening. This is what I miss most about the nice side (NOTE: The cake was on the NICE side!!!).
    And Florence, I recognise that glazed look – I see it every time I look in the mirror…

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