Burn, baby, burn

April 10, 2007 at 6:47 am (hair removal cream, razor, shower, Veet)

I don’t like fuss. If I do something it must be as easy and uncomplicated as possible. Don’t give me stuff that requires more than the absolute minimal involvement just because it’s cool. That’s me in a nutshell.
So it was some trepidation I decided to use Veet. (My first hair removal experience) Why trepidation, I hear you ask. Well, instead of just using a easy-to-use razor which may give you the occasional nick, you could burn yourself to kingdom come with the things in this pink tube.
It’s not just as easy as slapping on some of the stuff and jumping in the shower – even though it’s the impression given in the ad (note to self: don’t ever believe any advertisement!).
The instructions are quite detailed. You have to keep it on for no longer than six minutes otherwise you’ll get chemical burns. Now tell me who in their right minds has a clock in their bathroom? How am I supposed to know when the six minutes are over?
Then you jump in the show but shouldn’t allow the direct stream of the shower to touch it for two minutes after you jump in. Yes, that’s right, you get in the shower and wash yourself without letting the water touch you…getting in the shower without getting wet is what one does after all.
And all the while you have to keep in mind that should you leave this on longer than six minutes you could suffer from chemical burns. Since I’m the type to fall over while standing still I was extra cautious. I tried to keep to the six minutes and then used the ridiculously small sponge to remove hair (as per instructions) and guess what: it only partially worked.
All that effort for less-than-perfect results. My legs are not as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Ja, will mos.
Someone please pass me my damn razor.


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