And the jerk of the month award goes to…

April 5, 2007 at 6:33 am (hotel manager, jerk, reservation)

Although being a journalist isn’t always the loveliest job in the world – especially when you have to cover stories of gruesome murders and awful crimes – it beats being in the hospitality industry.
As you know I had to dash off to PE to do a story and we stayed at a hotel there. While waiting for the photographer I hung around in the hotel lobby and it was here that I felt bad to be human.
Some jerk was screaming at the hotel manager about a reservation. Why didn’t they get him a room, are they fucking retarded, is incompetence their usual way, etc, etc. This is basically what the asshole kept screaming.
The manager, somehow keeping his calm, kept saying the reservation didn’t go through because Jerko hadn’t checked to see if his online details were correct and there was no reference number.
What reference number, asks Jerko. Hotel manager points out to a sentence on the online booking form that reads “If you don’t have a reference number your reservation has not been confirmed and you need to resend.”
What do you mean, screams the jerk, why does your internet not work. *Insert jaw dropping stare from me here*. Ha, ha. Is this guy for real – he’s asking the hotel manager why THEIR internet doesn’t work when he booked from his office in Johannesburg??? Then when the manager tries to explain Jerko tells him to shut up. Yes, to shut up. Huh?!
Heaven help the idiots who don’t have a clue. He was clearly wrong but treated the hotel manager like pond scum. But it gets worse.
The manager eventually finds him a room and asks (as one would expect) if he wants a smoking or non-smoking room. What does Jerko say? Why are you still asking me that. Clearly, in his world, people should know whether he’s a smoker or not. That’s just how things work on planet Jerk. Remind me never to visit there. Ever.


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