Touchy feely

March 29, 2007 at 1:21 pm (private personal space, touch)

There are very few people who are allowed to touch me. Very, very few. And even those very few know that needless touching is not a good thing in my book. Dropping a hand on my shoulder, for example, is rather pointless unless it’s to pat me on the back for a job well done.
By now you should’ve figured out that I’m rather vicious when strangers decide to touch me. Not in an improper way even, just a casual touch freaks me the hell out.
So it was no surprise when I nearly slapped a man down to his knobbly knees after he placed his hand on my shoulder while I was talking to my boss.
It was an innocent gesture, I’m sure, but I HATED it and wanted to claw his well-groomed face with a stapler or other such object.
Turns out friend is a serial toucher. Not just me who’s fallen prey to aforementioned grubby paws. Nee dinges vat aan alles wat beweeg. It’s freaking our male staffers out more than the female ones but everyone agrees: he touches too much.
I don’t think he realises it but he can’t help touching people. I know some people are just affectionate like that but jirrie, a person can’t stand it!
But now how, without making him feel like a perve (which I’m sure he’s not), do we tell him to stop extending his hands and lying them down where they’re not welcome?


  1. batman said,

    I think i’m gonna tell some people who know brother man and hopefully they’ll be able to break it to him gently

  2. TBHanks said,

    But how? What are they going to say?

  3. batman said,

    i dunno, i just know some people that know him well, maybe they can let him down easily. coz someone here is gonna flip oneday soon and that won’t be a pretty sight. might even be you

  4. TBHanks said,

    naah, I won’t flip with him. I don’t think brother will lay another hand on me the way I shrugged him off the other day. Shame man, they must be easy on him because he doesn’t mean to be such an idiot.

  5. batman said,

    i can see that but the pressure cooker we work in is not exactly the kind of place where people need to feel uncomfortable. it’s bad enough as is

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