No Human Rights

March 21, 2007 at 6:49 am (human rights day, public holiday, work)

It’s Human Rights Day in South Africa today – a public holiday. But clearly I don’t have human rights because I’m stuck at work and still going to be here for a long time. It’s deadline day so there’s no way I’m going home before 8pm. Nice, huh?



  1. batman said,

    is this pity party gonna go on all day ;o)

  2. TBHanks said,

    Yes. I’m only getting started my friend. Not only can I not go down to the coffee shop to get my daily dose of caffeine, I’m not sure what I’m going to eat. May be good for my waist but on a day like this all I want is comfort food! So don’t rain on my parade of self-pity because it’s not yet in full swing…

  3. batman said,

    ok so what does it cost to get into this jol? or is it free before 11?

  4. TBHanks said,

    Definitely free before 11 but after 1 you have to pay to get in because that’s when it’s gonna ruk.

  5. batman said,

    oh don’t you worry i’m sure it’s gonna ruk today ;o)

    nando’s for lunch?

  6. TBHanks said,

    Nando’s sounds fab. Which one?

  7. batman said,

    don’t know yet

    but i need to go there coz i don’t got no cash

  8. TBHanks said,

    Um…so can’t we go to another place where you need no cash???

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