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March 21, 2007 at 6:41 am (investec, patronising, racism, training)

So I did an EQI (emotional quotient intelligence) test yesterday. It’s part of this programme at work where they’d like to develop young talent to grow in the company.
At the meeting where it was all explained a girl asked if it was a “coloured thing”. Some laughed; others didn’t.
I thought it was rather silly of her to say that especially as the publisher made a concerted effort to explain that they’re trying hard to right the wrongs of the past – or something like that.
She thinks it’s patronising for them to develop non-whites and this kinda stumps me…If you’re given a chance to grow and develop; go on training course; get guidance from those in the know, etc, why would you throw it back in their faces.
Look at the Investec dude, Bonga Bangani. He resigned because he felt he wasn’t given enough training and just treated as a token black. Racism is rife there, he says.
Now we (at our company) are being given the tools to not be token blacks and this girl thinks it’s patronising.
So this makes me wonder – if white management gives you a chance to develop, it’s patronising. And if they ignore you, it’s racism. Can anyone explain to me exactly what they must do to get it right?


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