Recurring nightmares

March 20, 2007 at 6:07 am (annoying, stalker, talker)

She doesn’t want to leave me alone. I’ve moved to the other side of the office yet she tracks me down to talk. I’m going to go insane if she gives me that sickeningly sweet smile and asks me how the fuck I’m doing.
Not only does she bug me by wanting to talk all the time – she does it when I’m really busy. And she knows this.

This is what I’ve tried to get rid of her. If you can think of any more suggestions, please let me know.
1) Get up and walk to the water cooler hoping she’ll follow then eventually leave (it worked a
few times but now she waits).
2) Type away as she talks hoping she’ll get the drift (this has never worked; I don’t know
why I thought it would. Sy’s taai.)
3) Lift the receiver of your telephone and pretend you’re getting ready to make a call. (It can
work but will backfire if she hangs around waiting for you to finish. In this case pretend
the line is busy and say loudly that you have to try again in a few minutes because your
deadline looms).
4) Say loudly that your deadline looms. (This has proven to be a complete failure. She even
asks if I’m busy, or better, says “You look busy.” When I say I am she says shame and
continues to talk her head off.)
5) Say you have to meet someone somewhere (try to be vague so as not to be caught out
later; lies have a way of catching up with you)
6) Say you need to pee. (This will not work if she also has to go to the ladies. Yes, it happens.)
7) Don’t respond to anything she says. (This never works because she talks non-stop and
doesn’t require an answer. Ever).

Ok, so this is what I’ve done. Anybody got any other bright ideas? Please…



  1. batman said,

    that’s tough. girlfriend must not have much to do on her side!

  2. batman said,

    lo, i forgot the other password. using this one again ;o)

  3. TBHanks said,

    Geez Batman, you need to get a list or something! I don’t know what her beef is but she’s getting on my last g-string line!

  4. batman said,

    shame man, i suck with passwords I tell you. you are just way too nice that’s why she’s latched onto you. be like me, just walk away when she starts talking.

  5. TBHanks said,

    But isn’t that a bit rude? I must admit, it does sound tempting. I really am reaching the end of my patience. There are only a handful of people who can interrupt me without me being annoyed and she is definitely not one of them!

  6. batman said,

    hehe, it doesn’t matter how freakin sweet she is she’s abusing your sweet nature. and people who do this kind of shit know exactly what they are doing so don’t feel bad. omg abused *batman reaches for his cape*

  7. TBHanks said,

    LOL! I’m taking a leaf from your book. Or rather, a stitch from your cape.

  8. batman said,

    you do that, this shit must come to an end now.ppl like that think their time is more important than yours. just try going to chat to her about meaningless shit while she seems kak busy and see what happens

  9. TBHanks said,

    Therein lies the problem – I don’t like talking to people who don’t really interest me. I can talk shit to you all day but not to her. There is only so much I can handle in one day. She takes up my entire “Be patient with losers” quota for the day.

  10. TBHanks said,

    Oh, and in case it came across wrong, I don’t lump you in the same category as her. I just meant about the talking shit all day thing. I find the stuff we talk about completely useless yet interesting. With her I just get tummy cramps.

  11. batman said,

    now that presents one with a moer of a problem. how can one person take up your entire quota for the day. my heart goes out to all the other losers. is just not fair!!!!!!!!!

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