Waisting away

March 16, 2007 at 6:40 am (weight)

A colleague walked by our office and Ace remarked, “I’m sure there’s something on this floor that makes people unhealthy”. Our colleague, Ace says, has certainly gained a few kilos since she started working here.
We all paused. And thought. Sneaked glances at our waistlines and just said nothing because it seemed horribly true.
Hmm…I’ve picked up weight since I’ve started working here, Bag Lady remarked. Me too, I said. At least three kilos. And then it pinged: It’s all the fault of that goddamn trolley guy. Or rather, the trolley guys.

They come around with a wagon full of goodies. Their attempt at making their offerings healthy is somewhat like McDonalds – slap a tomato, some lettuce and a gherkin on it and you have your dose of veg. A balanced meal indeed.

I’ve tried and tried to not be tempted by trolley treats but have failed and failed again. I have managed to wean myself off pies (yes, my name is Toby Hanks and I’m a pieaholic). That I have managed to get right – the only time I’ve had a pie this year was when my partner and I had lunch at Limnos (they of the divine pastries and cakes). I reckon that doesn’t count because instead of choosing a double-decker choc mousse delight I just had a pie and salad. Yay me.

Tomorrow when the trolley dude arrives I’m going to give him a stern lecture. Bring me healthy food I’ll tell him as I pay for my samoosas and chocolate.
He’s not going to know what hit him.


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