Komaan dammit I want wash-and-wears

March 14, 2007 at 6:02 am (sonstrale hair)

Whew – man am I glad I’ve grown up. My OBF (original [as requested] best friend for those who don’t know) and I went through some childhood snaps the other day. Why, oh why, did our mothers love this pink t-shirts and frilly yellow socks? A girl can be scarred for life you know. If you ever have a daughter do not, I repeat, do not dress her in different shades of pink every single day. She’ll have issues.

But clothing woes aside OBF and I had a giggle or two about our hair. Picture this: two “cute” little girls smiling all teeth and gums for the camera. But do you see their angelic faces? No. All you can see is flyaway sonstrale. Not even the aliceband could tame it – it just provided a boost for those wisps traveling in all directions. Aunty M used to smear the baby oil on to get those suckers to stay down but they were stronger. True rebels, if you will.
Fortunately we didn’t have that pantyhose-vlegsels (what did they call them now again? Aeroplane paatjies?) but some pictures will have to be burned soon.

But we’ve now grown up and thankfully realised product can do miracles and there’s nothing that a little bit of heat can’t cure (try to imagine life without hairdryers), and OBF swears that dyeing your hair will make it straighter. She’s had every colour under the sun – or rather, in the tube – slapped onto her hair and I can say with all honesty that it does seem to have made a difference.
So even if you have what Zee calls komaan-dammits there is hope. Jerry Clyde says there’s just no excuse for kroes hair what with all the products on the market. You can also have wash-and-wears.
Here’s to growing up – and Wella.



  1. jerry clyde said,

    yip no need to have sonstrale no more. get a decent job and pay 4 the bladdy treatments. otherwse find a blind man

  2. TBHanks said,

    But what if the man himself has elke-broer-bid-alleens?

  3. jerry clyde said,

    he must shave that shit off, minora blade baby!!!!!!!!

  4. TBHanks said,

    But then they cut themselves and wear that stupid mickey mouse plasters everywhere. Have you seen how daft it looks just underneath the eye???

  5. jerry clyde said,

    I neva got that hey. I mean the barber dude only charges R35 for a haircut or shave. this is the kinda thing ppl should include in their budgets

  6. TBHanks said,

    R35 to cut off 1cm of hair? What has happened to this world? Dudes don’t even have enough hair to use a scissor for. Why do they need to pay R35?

  7. jerry clyde said,

    boeta joe must also make a living, kids need to go to barber school you know!

  8. TBHanks said,

    True. maybe he can go for speech lessons and get some new glasses.

  9. jerry clyde said,

    don’t be nasty ne! but ja he does need abit of an extreme makeover hey.

  10. Rossgen said,

    I would appreciate not using the Old Best Friend tag (it sounds like I’m 50…) How about ORIGINAL best friend? Now edit that bladdy column! P.S. The colouring thing definitely works!

  11. TBHanks said,

    But what if you dye your hair blond and it looks as if it’s crackling? I’ve seen some of those. You end up looking worse than before. And you know you have to whip out the swirlkous…

  12. jerry clyde said,

    the magic sock always comes to the rescue hey. don’t leave home without it 🙂

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