Fat rolls are such rude things

March 14, 2007 at 6:01 am (fat rolls)

Aaaarrrgh! He had a fat roll. Not just any old fat roll. No ladies and gentlemen, it was a fat roll on his head. And I had to stand behind him in the lift.
Now, for those of you who may think I’m insensitive right now note: I don’t have anything against fat people.
I know many and like many. It’s not a problem for me. But a guy with a fat roll on his head (yes, his head not his neck – is there even a name for such stuff?) is a bit too much for me.
It looked like a sausage stuck underneath his short hair. I had to work hard not to stare. Damn hard.
Do women have this? Is it better that they have hair to hide it or is it better that they are constantly aware it shows so they can try to get rid of it?
This is a dilemma. I mean, can you even go on a diet or exercise to rid yourself of a fat roll on your head? I know not how to deal with fat roll on the head issues right now.


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  1. anonymous said,

    You are an idiot.

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