Here, hair and everywhere

March 7, 2007 at 6:33 am (hair)

She pounced, finger punching the air. Mid body-fling she paused and did a classic hair flip (red highlights look nice when they’re flipped). The auntie with the dripping hair (ok, some of the droplets rolled over instead of through…) was skelling sounding very Bonteheuwelish.

I just came to have my hair done but here I was slam bang in the middle of a bitchfight between a stylist and a customer. Nothing serious like Rossgen’s shampooist mid-PMS ( but hilarious nonetheless.

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you like your fights) this wasn’t two chlora queens. If so I would’ve dashed for the door because there’s no knowing where scissors would start flying and who would be dye-ing.

The tannie who looks like she regularly walks around with pink rollers and the stylist (from Tafelsig) who looks as if she’s on tik were, um, having words. I forget what it was about – something to do with double booking and the mention of kroes hair (from the stylist). Then said hair flipping and finger punching. It all ended well I presume. The customer had her hair styled (roller lines and all) and the stylist calmed down.

Who said doing your hair was a boring affair?


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