A little tear

March 7, 2007 at 6:35 am (wedding tears)

So there I sat all emotional and teary. Weird, considering I’m not an emotional teary-eyed type of person. But anyway, here I was listening to the father of the bride talk about letting his baby go. The tear formed slowly and I tried to pretend it was a bit of hayfever (it’s rude to sneeze mid-speech after all) but alas, I could not fool myself.

The speeches were touching.

Let me just make this clear: I never cry at weddings. For heavens sake, I barely cry at funerals! But this one was different somehow. I suspect it’s this growing up thing. I’m now faced with the fact that my friends are slowly but surely slipping out of the single phase to join those of the shackled kind. It doesn’t really change anything. Yet it changes everything. She’s married.

We’re the same age – 24. I don’t want to think about it or dwell on it but this was just the first. Now there’ll be a constant roll around of invitations, taking days off, having hair done (and potentially having it mince), wearing heels then bitching about it, painting my nails then being horrified by it’s girliness… the list is endless.

Now I’ve made a deal with myself. The only wedding at which I will next shed a tear will be that of my best friend. And until that time I’ll just keep on popping those hayfever pills. And don’t you dare call it something else.


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