Do old people smell?

February 28, 2007 at 4:21 pm (old people)

A colleague and I were talking about smelly food in the office. But this particular batch of smelly food came from one person. Let’s call her Sarah.

Sarah’s actually quite sweet and she brought some cake to the office because it was her birthday. Choc mousse and carrot (not together mind you). Anyway, colleague and I had a small piece of the respective cakes (I had the carrot in case you’re wondering). We both agreed that it smelt.

But was it the cake – or was it dear old Sarah? Both of us were stumped – is it unPC to say old people smell? Is it rude and insensitive? We can’t decide so now I’m feeling bad because maybe we’re being horrible.

Are we?


  1. jeremy said,

    A lot of them smell like moth balls. so ja they do stink!

  2. TBHanks said,

    But do all old people have mothballs? And why is it that they smell like mothballs? Are mothballs old people things?

  3. Rossgen said,

    Yes, mothballs are definitely old people things. Ever seen those little white balls hidden at the back of grandma’s closet and wondered whether she was secretly getting high? She’s actually getting stinky!

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