All things musical

February 22, 2007 at 3:34 pm (iPod)

Something stirred my irk-o-meter today. As I walked into the building this morning, was the sound of music in the lift. Not the cheesy kind you find in big corporations.
No, this tinny-sounding tunes were coming from the girl next to me. She had her earplugs in and the thing was obviously set at full volume. Don’t people get the point of an iPod: It is supposed to be for YOUR EARS ONLY!

This led to me to think two things: first, I know this girl is an exhibitionist because she’s been caught in flagrante in her office (supposedly working overtime, mind you); her boyfriend’s bum is now known to all.
Secondly, she’s an attention seeker because she’s one of those coloured girls who flicks her hair and flashes her (very small) boobs whenever a male is around. She wants us all to know “sy’s daai girl”. But meanwhile we’re all having a bit of a snigger because girlfriend is maer as a plank with a saggy bum to boot.
Ok, she has nice hair but how much do you want to bet she Wella’d it to the max? Plus she has ugly toes (I’ve seen it in sandals). Niknaks se moer – this one could give Godzilla a run for his money.

Which brings me back to my original point: it irked me. But being the polite person I am, I didn’t say anything or show my annoyance (besides, that would give her the satisfaction of knowing someone noticed her). So I’ve resorted to pointing out all her flaws on this blog.

And next time I hear those tjunes in the lift, I may just start singing along…then we’ll see who gets all the attention.



  1. Norway said,

    Ok, just so you know, I’m VERY scarily similar to the girl you described in the lift – minus the small boobs (ok, maybe the bum thing is skirting very close to the truth, though for the most unfathomable reasons my guy seems to adore it….). I absolutely adore my iPod and playing it at full blast while singing horribly out of tune to the sound of “All the man that I need” by Whitney Houston has been my calling card for some time now. So all I have to say is this – YOU are to blame for a number of my associates having the same murderous thoughts you had in the lift that day. G

  2. Norway said,

    Oh, and whats this about in flagrante??? Why, oh why must it always be the coloured girls???

  3. TBHanks said,

    But, Norway, this girl wasn’t singing. She was just listening in that I-wanna-be-seen-as-cool way. The cheesy loud singing is cute in a way. The just listening to it very loudly isn’t. So you’re not in the same boat as the tart.

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