There’s no crime; there’s no reason

February 7, 2007 at 6:18 pm (Uncategorized)

Even if you haven’t been checking out the SA press this week you must’ve heard about the FNB debacle. If you haven’t, read to get up to speed. Lots of things have happened after this piece broke in Sunday papers across the country.
Some have said the bank is chickening out; others say they should’ve realised what was going to happen before they went public.
The government keeps on going on about how crime is exaggerated and how we’re blowing things out of proportion but one thing is clear: people are sick of crime.
That’s the most important thing to me. Since this story hit everyone and their brother has had an opinion on what is happening in this country.
People from other countries already know what’s going on here so it’s incredibly important that SA citizens speak out about their desperation.
On tv people are smsing to talk shows about how they think crime is out of control; business leaders are speaking out; magazines are running crime campains; letter pages of newspapers are filled with talk of how sick people are of crime.
Finally, enough is enough. On Friday our president makes his State of the Nation speech. He would be foolish to not at least acknowledge our fears – whether it’s real or imagined.
I still believe we can make this country work. We have too much at stake to not make it work.
And in disagreeing with the government about crime we’ve done what many naysayers say we can’t: we stood together for the greater good…


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